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With Bill1st's payment expertise and cutting-edge processing solutions, we enable you to provide our clients' customers with a seamless checkout experience that is fast, reliable, and secure.

Bill1st empowers merchants with a complete set of online payment solutions that can be customizable enough to fit any payment solution and for any unique business model and processing need.

The Bill1st platform provides merchants an easy and secure integration to a PCI Certified Level 1 platform which allows immediate acceptance of online payments. The concept of a secure payment page was designed to make the transaction process as simple and effortless as possible. The payment page is fully customizable and can use the merchant's own look and feel, or use Bill1st as the face of the billing. Utilizing the secure payment page will ease the merchant's transaction process by allowing him to only transfer the parameters that are absolutely necessary for the transaction, such as amount and currency. The rest of the information will be saved by Bill1st, saving both time and effort. Additionally, all new Bill1st features, functions, and payment methods will automatically be updated and enabled into the merchant's system, without the need of a further integration process.

Ultimate Merchant Platform

Welcome to FlexMerchant™ our innovative shopping cart platform provides cutting-edge feature suites in order to meet the varied design demands your company may have in order to ensure a consumer-centric appeal. Our FlexMerchant™ platform can set your site's e-shopping experience vastly apart from your competition. With integrated consumer management functionality and insightful analysis of your site's activity, Bill 1st will provide you the benefit of designing different marketing strategies (i.e. customer profiling, affinity groups, volume discounting & rewards, tailored product promotions, reward programs, and much more!). This robust technology empowers your company with a flexible, manageable features array which can be fashioned to suit your immediate and changing needs without any additional technology. Developed to scale to satisfy a myriad of e-commerce implementations, you have the ability to choose any or all feature components of our platform. Bill 1st is ready to consult with you to develop the right feature mix to ensure your functional success throughout your e-commerce site's lifecycle and product mix.

Payment Gateway

PCI Level 1

Card Acceptance

Combining state-of-the-art technology with industry-leading experience, Bill1st offers a secure, PCI certified Level 1 payment gateway developed by programmers who are constantly updating the system according to new standards and requirements. The Bill1st platform provides merchants with a quick and simple online integration that enables them to connect with their banking partners.

Integrated Banks

The Bill1st platform is currently integrated with over 20 "key" International banks and processors. The platform has access to every domestic bank as well. In the event a new integration is needed, Bill1st has a team dedicated to handling and expediting these requests. Our highly skilled, technical team can integrate a new bank in two business days, but ten days should be allotted for quality assurance.

Security & Compliance

Fraud and Velocity Control System


With the prominence the Internet offers in terms of availability and use of web technologies, the world of e-commerce has had to face daunting challenges in terms of maintaining a secure means of transacting business, and most importantly, sensitive personal information. Faced with constant threats, the payment card industry has established stringent standards from which to bolster both payment card information (PCI) data and Privacy Act protected customer information from exploit. Bill 1st has addressed and satisfied all requirements from which to assure payment/transactional and sensitive customer data is secured in lieu with PCI compliance standards. In addition, we actively monitor our network 24/7/365 for suspicious trends or malicious activity and continually harden our systems and network security to address new threats.